'Bee Story' wallets are custom made, and very much like purchasing a custom painting. The designs are created from original paintings and drawings, each having a 'bee story' that further illustrates the glorious and profound bee, in magical, inspirational ways. Because they are so customized, the process of purchasing one involves communication through email. Photos of fabric samples can be sent, and choices about the straps can be made     $150

to design your piece email me @ duendecheri7@gmail.com
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'Bees work for the good of the whole'
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Bee Story Wallets
Made from a heavy cotton twill fabric /  5" x 8"

Triple Goddess Bee Wallet
​OM Lotus Fish
Inside of wallet
Pan Protector Bee
Bee of Illumination
Inside with Firebird fabric

Lotus Portal Bee 
Tiki Bee
Sacred Hornet Vision
OM Infinity Bee
Back of Lotus Portal Bee
Dragon Bee 
Back of Firebird Bee
Back of Triple Goddess Bee
Bee of Illumination
Back of Pan Protector Bee
OM Lotus Bee adorned with East Indian beaded decorations
Firebird and Bee, see the back at the right
For the 'Bee Story' of each design, click the 'Written Bee Story' link at left