Bee Sisters Project 2017
fabric designs  from the painting "BEE SISTERS" to be created into dresses
The "Bee Sisters"  painting (mirrored image below) stands 5 ft high and 2 and 1/2 ft wide. The story telling painting, is an allegory of 'bee love' and sisterhood. The painting has been digitally photographed into a series of zoom in images. The images were then edited into unique textile designs, to be printed onto a number of different types of fabrics (above and down below). In the year of 2017, these fabric designs will be created into a line of dresses, garments, and accessories, that will further illustrate the story, using the human body as a canvas. Each design can be sized to fit into the pattern pieces, large and small,  border designs, and under dresses created from the silky shear fabrics.
The "Bee Sisters" story goes like this ...

.......... the graceful lean onto thy sister, bodies of floral emanation, the supporting rituals of birthing, healing, and the burying of bones. Sisterhood, when women bond together in community, an alchemy takes place. It is the connecting of women, sharing and caring, co-creating for the betterment of the community. 

In the middle sky, the  'Hunab Ku' symbol bridges the two worlds as one, where the opposite is mirrored as being the same. Spiraling up through the blossoming world of feminine abun'dance', 13 bees engage in the life-giving dance of Gaia. The infinity dance of the bees sings of the wild, non-conforming, adjusting, flowing nature of the feminine. The moth's dance is in the darkness, ever vigilant in the path to follow the light, they remind us to use our dreams and inner knowing, to navigate through the darkest of times, resulting in the extraordinary beauty of a winged life.

The 13 bees carry a written message on their painted bodies, it begins with the bottom bee and continues to the last bee there on the bosom/shoulder of the forward facing sister. The message written is in the ancient Theban script and says "Benevolent bees unite magical forces dancing colors creation to protect and serve earth" ... a gift of words offered by a fellow bee lover. The painting also carries a number of symbols for protection.

'Bees work for the good of the whole'
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The first garment made with the fabric created from the 'Bee Sisters" painting.