Ether Dancing Bee Dress / 2014

The first "Bee Story Project Dress" created from digital edits of the original painting (below)
Ether Dancing Bee Dress

The dress began with an acrylic painting (below) that illustrates a story about the wonderful way that bees talk to each other, bees dance to communicate their needs to one another. The zig zag line represents the choreograph of their "waggle dance". When a worker discovers a good source of nectar or pollen, she will return to the hive to perform a waggle dance to let her nest mates know where it lies.  The artwork embraces the energetic story of the bee and her ethereal lifestyle of dance and vibration, embracing collaboration as the ultimate form of 'working together for the good of the whole'. The 2 stunning images above were created in an artistic collaboration as well:

Erin Daniels / photo
Chrystal / MUA, hair stylist Maria Hernendez / model Cheri Ellis / Bee Story Dress

The dress is created from the fabrics (below right) after they are printed, the bodice is a light cotton twill, the skirt a cotton voile

The upper bodice of the dress is adorned with both beading and embroidery cut from vintage saris and then hand sewn onto the dress.
A hand-made cotton calico print was made into a bias tape that tenderly contours the bodice seams, collar edge, and then wraps at the waist.

Original painting / acrylic / 16' x 16"
"bees work for the good of the whole"

​"My photos are accidental, impulsive, lacking in a sense of finite resolution, but so able to capture what I see inside before it all begins. Dresses on tripods, Mayan messages in airplane shadows, shoes and legs in elegant asunder, a mountain triangle peaking, and the idea of flight. I am wanting to see the dresses different, in unexpected scenarios, forecasts of reaching past that boundary, and further documenting my effort to go beyond what 'fashion' has done to the art of the dress"
"Bees got your back" ... backpack and "Tribal Bee" dress. The 'Ether Dancing Bee' dress  with a     hand-painted chair from 2005
photo left and right / Erin Daniels