​The Pineal Firebird Bee dress / 2016

.......to dress the body in an expression that speaks of a soulful evolution .......

And she looked out into the world,
Seductive, in a petaled grace.
Fingers embracing the golden apple,
Seeded fruit the Firebird ate.
Fire feathered bird is dropping pearls,
She gives them to the ones that need.
All she asks is that the gilded tree, 
The Mother .... is let to give in free.

There at the heart is a portal,
Corolla leaves to pollinate.
Blossoms, sacred in numbers,
Secret harmonies of the Uni-Verse.
For her the bee with spiral sight,
Ajna, chalise, and cosmic spined,
Would beckon tender,
And bring so forth,
All the hive gives, intertwined.

Incantation  bee loved ...
The image began with a painting of the Firebird and the Bee (top image), with the story being about the uroboric energies of the life force laws of nature, the death/life cycles, and the resulting waking of consciousness. Birthing into evolving states of awareness, through all of these lesson teaching cycles. The noble Eightfold path, flow, the journey to enlightenment.

The fabric for the 2 piece dress was created in a multiple step process. A zoom in, photo image of the 'tail feathers of the Firebird' painting, was digitally edited, mirrored, into a portal like composition, with the resulting image resembling the female vagina. Graced by a number of bees and a honey comb pattern, the fabric's design is one that expresses many aspects of feminine energies, birthing, and evolutionary blossoming. The imagery also represents aspects of the pineal gland, the tiny pinecone shaped gland located deep within the brain, whose shape is similar to the multi petaled lotus. The pineal, the 3rd eye, is a well known representation of the feminine qualities of intuition, inner sight and soulful vision.

The Buddha inspired head piece was created with a series of silk made petals, each lined with a wire, also emanating a lotus like appearance. The pinecone shape, indicative of the pineal gland, further expressing third eye vision.

The photography becomes the next layer of creative fusion as the golden apple in her whitened arm and hand, becomes the beholden element of seduction, an ethereal temptation. The photo editing further illuminating the surreal qualities of whimsy, and the golden age vision. Perhaps we are lucky that we may be seduced by a spiritually driven beauty, to go on a very difficult journey leading one into a waking state of enlightened consciousness. That is the way the Mother designed this never ending cycle of death and rebirth, to constantly be re-ignited over and over and over again, flowing into a perpetual evolution of heightened sensory grace ..... beauty being nature's great seducer!

Final touch .... a Pine-Apple backdrop!

Pineal gland

The pineal gland is a tiny pine cone shaped organ that lies deep within the brain, and is part of the endocrine system. The pineal secretes 2 of the most important hormones into the body, seratonin and melatonin. In this is it plays a part in controlling the circadia  rhthyms, the body's internal clock, affecting the sleeping and waking patterns. It is also known to play a part in the female reproductive system, sexual/sensual areas of the human experience. The interior of the
pineal gland is comprised of the retinal tissue identical to the rods and cones of the optic eye, and is wired into the visual cortex of the brain.. It is a likely source of the creation of DMT within the human body. The gland is activated by light.

​In the metaphysical realm of the pineal gland, it is known as the crown chakra,, Ajna, and is said to be the 3rd eye, the one that sees within the heart and soul. The pinecone shape is like that of the many petaled lotus flower, and both are significant symbols of the unfolding path to inner knowing and spiritual growth. The pinecone symbolism appears all over the world from Sumerian, Greek, and Roman traditions, to the Vatican's  'Court of the Pine Cone', and the staff of the Pope. Images of Buddha show him with a pinecone-like covering on the top of his head, in Buddhist meditation the objective is to activate the third eye.


The firebird is an inspiring magical bird of magnificent plumage and mythical eloquence. In mythologies, the fire feathered bird seems to arouse and inflame the inception of a difficult journey that leads one on a path to self awareness, expanding one's potential, and guiding one
to personal freedom, through a series of difficult lessons.

The story of the sacred Firebird : In a land owned by a king, the golden apples are being stolen during the night by the Firebird, angry, the king sends his 3 sons out to catch the bird. In their journey to capture the Firebird, the sons commit a number of mistakes themselves, promoted by aspects of thievery, deception, indulgence, driven to covet and steal what is not theirs. Their actions are promptly given consequences, by which they are given additional opportunities to fix the situation. Interesting that the Firebird is thieving the apples naturally provided for the bird by the Mother earth, of which intrinsically places no ownership.

Golden Apple

The illustrious gilded fruit is an element that shows up in many varying fairy tales and folklore.
Usually highly guarded by an antagonist, the golden apple is often hidden or stolen, and becomes the source of inspiration for a lengthy journey of lesson learning. A symbol of abundance, immortality, and beauty. The fruit the Firebird eats, is said to have magical powers, a divine fruit that can renew itself.

Firebrid and Bee painting mirrored
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Firebird Bee wallet
'Bees work for the good of the whole'
fabric print
fabric print
fabric print
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