'Blurring the Lines' was the concept that seemed to evolve in the process of  putting the images of this collection together. This body of work carries the blueprint of a new message, one that has been nourished and developed in an intense climate of transition and redirection. There has been many efforts in this work to produce pieces that are highly wearable, original, and above all, sustainable. By the time the images were fully completed, the concept had changed slightly to 'blurring the edges of the vision'. The idea of letting go of the restrictive edges that can hold back the elegance and delight of a deep creative effort. The energies can better merge, diversity can evoke, when the defining lines are less of a concrete barrier.

"In a time of economic stress, major upheaval and concern over environmental issues, it seemed very necessary for me to profoundly adjust my take on 'fashion'. That I would need to recreate the purpose of what I love to do, and what I have spent my whole life developing and investing in, and fine-tune its energies to be in line with a world that is seeking health for the soul, the body, the mind, and the planet."

"As both visual artist and fashion designer, I have begun the process of printing my artwork onto fabric. The artwork in this sequence of images is part of a movement to give voice to the huge conundrum of positive change that has been set into motion upon our planet. Much of the collection has been photographed with a blue grid behind it, and in this element came the delivery of a vision that spoke of 'going off the grid', seeking better ways to harness the energies from the natural world and using' the dress upon humanity' to articulate that vision

"The design work involved in this collection was concentrated on pattern work. How to take street wear cotton and give it new shape, create shapes within it, and allow it to become a functional, wearable piece that can break through boundaries at the same time. I seem to maintain the aesthetic of adding touches of sparkle and glint to earthy fabrics of cotton and grainy, fibrous silks. While hoping to blur the edges of restrictive energies, I have often included thin black outlines on many pieces, finding dichotomy to be a stunning design concept. My main goal in developing the pattern work has been about creating shapes that can embrace the new fabrics printed with the story-telling artwork."
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'Bees work for the good of the whole'
Art / Fashion 2013

Soft blue grids supporting a birthing into a potent 'new life' green.
A span of energetic time defined by the creative content within it.
Soft blue grids supporting a birthing into a 'new life' green. Orange cut felt symbols sewn onto cotton, mirroring the mars like city sculptures. There was no deliberate strategy put forth to create the visual collaboration  of these images, it was a result of the way the artist weaves color spectrums and content derived from the emotional experiences of a life lived.