"Every now and then I create a little hand-made warrior doll made from a combination  of colorful art printed and silkscreened fabrics. Each face is hand-painted. These little rag doll deities have become a very significant creative tradition in my ever evolving life as an artist"

The doll making began some years back evolving alongside the effort to create the art printed fabric. The body of the doll is made from silkscreened canvas, using the screens from the t-shirt prints. The legs are made from fabric digitally printed from a painting design. The feet also made from the silkscreened canvas, often embodying significant symbols (soulful!). The hair is created from braided felt and can be fashioned up in many fun styles, with flowers and ribbons. After the doll is sewn together, she may sit for awhile before the face is hand painted, to get a feel for her essence. Each doll has a special name and story, usually chosen before she is created, providing the inspiration for her creation.  The dresses are made from fabric printed with designs from the paintings and drawings as well as the silkscreened fabrics. 

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ASURA ACESO is the name of the blue doll. Asura was created with the idea of embodying a 'healer' essence, she is named after the color of the sky, asure blue. Blue is calming, cooling, electric, astringent, it  is the color of rest, relaxation, and safety. Blue light is one of the great detoxifiers. Blue is the color of of the Aquarian age, it combats fear and belongs to the throat chakra which is the primary center of expression and communication, through speech and creativity. The doll's last name, Aceso, is the Greek goddess of the healing process. Aceso did not work for the cure of an illness, or the treatment of an injury, she represented the process of healing as a whole. Aceso very much embodying the Aquarian age as she practices a very deep and wholistic way to heal and recover, to restore the mind/body/spirit into a trinity of full self being.  The doll was created with silkscreened artwork full of healing symbols, the bee ('key-bee' on her hands), infinity sign (on her wrist), healing mushrooms (arms and core), more Queen bee on her feet (soul of the feet)

USSAH VIRAGO is the name of the rose colored doll with the light yellow face and blue eyes.  Ussah was named after "Medusa" as she embodies the  story of the Greek goddess that explores the idea of the exploitation of the feminine, and the healing process that is now creating an integral shift on the planet. Her body was created from cotton canvas silkscreened with the artwork of the "Orphic Egg Bee" (click onto 'ILLUSTRATION 2022, scroll down to find the written story) . The 'Orphic Egg' is also a Greek symbol, it represents the 'cosmic egg' from which Phanes was birthed, a deity of procreation and regeneration (on her arms, "wearing it on her sleeve"). At her heart is the blossoming/renewal part of the artwork. Upon her womb, at her root and sacral chakras lie the regenerative snake roots, grounding her and aligning with the part of the bee that uses her stinger to protect herself.  The legs carry the lofty wings and can symbolize the 'walk of the journey'. Upon Ussah's calves lie imagery of the  'philosophers stone', an alchemical symbol that has a metaphorical meaning that describes the 'doing of something that may feel impossible' . The symbol is also called the 'squaring of the circle', and here is was created with powerfully healing symbols including the lotus and the uroboric snake (more serpent energy). The backround is a large format tapestry created from the "Owl Bee" artwork.

Ussah's last name is Virago which has 2 oppositional meanings. She is named after a woman who demonstrates exemplary and heroic qualities. The word comes from the Latin word vir, meaning virile. A woman of great stature, strength and courage, a female warrior. The other definition of virago is a loud overbearing woman!  A woman regarded as noisy, scolding, or domineering. Definitely expresses a current common confusion about feminine strength and brilliance!

In the top image Ussah is sitting upon a stack of small books that very well illustrate a lifetime of studied wisdoms that perfectly describe the inspirations she was created from. White lace has often accompanied the potent colored and painted/printed dolls,  with added embellishments of East Indian embroidery. The hand-painted box, somewhat tabernacle like, represents a type of sacred receptacle, the storing of sacramental experiences, the journey of soul growth.

In the middle image, the back-round tapestry is created with the "Orphic Egg Bee" illustration. The artwork has been used to create silkscreened fabrics and t-shirts, cards, stickers, and large format tapestries.  2222 is a powerful number sequence that embodies hope, love and positivity (to be found on the doll's hands).

In the bottom image here, Ussah sits on a stack of silkscreens, wearing a dress created out of a silk screened t-shirt with the "MOTH Transmutation" design on it (full dress image at the left 'click on' pics) Tea, journal writing, and a crown full of flowers, the dolls are ritualistic and can express the workings of our inner selves.
Cheri A Ellis copyright 2022 / All Rights Reserved

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