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"SWAG ... meaning 'something for everyone'. All those little details of symbolic metaphor, tiny landscapes of  mirrored folklore illustration, roots and snakes and bees and fauna, moving into the potent colorful realm of stickers and cards. It has been my great pleasure to find prolific connection with the artwork through paper medias at the core of our everyday lives. Stickers going on the water bottle, computer, skateboard, journals, bicycles, cars and on and on. With the sticker comes that innate quality of art, that its meant to be shared and experienced with everyone, and not limited by economics. Also, having that  art surfacing on so many of our vital and everyday areas.  Some of the black and white illustrations have been colored in with pens, some with water color, and others digitally changed into dual complimentary colors."

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In the quad sequence above, mythos of epic detailed illustration have been transported in new colors onto stickers and then onto vessels. The entire imagery surrounding is painted artwork from other time periods. The vining pink petaled design with red berries is a design illustrating the internal blossoming radiating from the oval/egg holding the star bursted OM.  The top images have back-rounds created from digital edits of "Mushroom Fractal 2222" and "Owl Bee" (showing the womb of the 'Owl Bee') Top left sticker "Orphic Egg Bee", top right is a metal water bottle printed with the "MOTH Transmutation" artwork.

Creating a tarot deck from the imagery is the expansive goal fueling the artistic expression of every little nuance of evolution in this brand.  Symbolic, cross cultural visuals merging with a quirky, highly stylized, edgy  take on the current resurgence of the psychedelic culture, will unfold into a tarot deck of potent whimsical wisdoms. Cups, pentacles, swords, wands, being represented by the "Owl Bee" / "Orphic Egg Bee" / "Day of the Dead Bee" / "Moth Transmutation". The octopus becoming the Magician, playful in all forms of communication, flexible and brilliant. The  'High Priestess' Moon-goddess Isis, created from the merging of a painting with the black and white illustration. She represents balance, equilibrium, harmony, her essence is unrestricted independence. 

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Transitioning the art-work into a card line is what upstarted the brand into sales that were re-invested into the further evolution of swag and silkscreened items. The cards are beautifully printed as postcards with the first 'Bee Odyssey' image  "Hummingbird Bee", printed onto the backside in a French stationary style. The postcards are packaged with a sheer vellum envelope that has set the stage for this unique and edgy psychedelic brand.  With a booth at a the popular Ballard Farmers Market in Seattle, the bee art has been well supported spending the last 4 years (including 2 covid years) evolving with new bee art, new little critter types of art-work, flora and fauna art-work, and a huge expanse of t-shirts printed onto high quality tees and hoodies in gorgeous colors. 

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