Hummingbird Bee Art / Fashion 2016
'Bees work for the good of the whole'
​Hummingbird Bee  flew into it all this last year,the final gift to remind of resilience, of patient strengths on the long journey, guiding to the kind of love that it's nectar rich flight knows of ... one of true heart and soul. 

The Crooked Little House, in Ballard, became the perfect place to photograph a bee dress, and the gorgeous, ethereal, glamour of East India, bedazzling the garments with beaded decoration and 'amore'. 

The "Bee Sisters" painting was revisited, and 13 larger bees were added, fluttering a dance up through the painted strokes, giving a prayer of grace and vision for the benevolent bees. Symbols of protection were added to the story, and the potent Hunab Ku was painted in as a true cornerstone, as Gaia, as one, unified, source energy. From the painting, many fabrics were created, and this next year they will be sewn into the 'Bee Story' dresses, and some of the new accessory ideas.

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​Thankyou models / Susan Yim,  Alexa Wakefield,  Lanna Shjerven

Hummingbird Bee

Oh bee of wide-winged heart of joy .......

the tiny hummingbird has the largest heart of all animals, 2.5% of its body weight. The bird knows to pollinate and collect nectar, flapping its wings in a figure 8, just as the bee dances its vibrational messages in the figure 8, sign of infinity. The hummingbird is known symbolically, as a guide in opening up to love. Tireless to journey long, resilient, adapting, accomplishing what seems to be impossible, the tiny bird shows the path to finding a love that is true to the heart and soul. Mandala cored, sacred wombed with a cone of ever ripening berries, both bee and hummingbird fly through our lives gracing it with joy and light, pollinating our dreams with abundance in beauty and 
nutritious sustenance.