The Bee Story Dress Project
​The "Bee Story Dress"  project is a multi-media project merging visual art, storytelling, and fashion, to create a line of dresses that tell stories about the divinity of the bee. The idea of the project was cultivated by the idea of creating awareness around the bee and Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). While researching and learning about the bees, they themselves became an absolute inspiration in potent lesson teaching about the living of a good whole life ... a beautifully spirited life.

The dress begins with a short story describing some interesting and always amazing, perhaps magical, quality about the bees. Artwork is created to illustrate the story. A number of different mediums are being used in the project, paint, graphite, pen and ink, color pencils, and oil pastels. The artwork is digitally edited, with many possibilities from one design. The various perspectives are being used in the design of the dress, such as bodice, sleeves, skirting, and collar.


Ether Bee Dress Bearshot  photo
Ether Bee Dress
Bearshot photo
'Bees work for the good of the whole'
Brilliant Blue Bee dress               Bearshot photo
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In the above images, a whimsical depiction of a bee dress, with the digital process merging all of the creative components together. The dress itself was created from a bee painting, and though the bees are too small to see on these card images, the bee is brought into the imagery through additional editing. The pollinators, hummingbird and butterflies, were taken from other paintings. The back round is an edit from the "Day of the Dead Bee" (see below)
Day of the Dead Bee
Bee dress and tote
Infinity Queen Bee
Tribal Bee Dress
Day of the Dead Bee
Yellow / Black
honey golden silk                   dress
Ether Bee
"Bee Sisters" painting
            fabric top
Infinity Q Bee tote
Back of dress
6 Bee Profundity dress
East Indian yoke decoration
Mushroom Bee
Pineal Bee Dress
Dragon Bee fabric top
Dragon Bee Fabric top
Tribal Bee dress
Bee backpack with
         felted dress
bee wings on back
          of dress
original dress design 
          with bee bag
girls in Cheri dresses
Pineal Bee dress
fun editing
6 Bee Profundity
bee wing edit from graphite
               drawing / silk 
fun editing