MYCELIUM PORTAL / new work 2023
The New Year began with an intertwining sanctuary of networking roots,  symbolic of a deepening congruence in my merging creative endeavors, reaching out to share and receive nutrition and inspiration. As the world is seeking out and embracing the enormous health and nourishment of the mushrooms, it is also learning about the fungi web of fibrous threads called mycelia. Connecting with each other and the roots of plants and trees, they spread throughout the soil forming a complex distribution and communication of networks. This interconnecting allows the plant root systems and fungi to receive nutrition from each other, water and nutrients that help build up the plants and their immune systems. Making them stronger, and encouraging growth, the network of communication also allows them to send out a warning if a plant is attacked.

The "Mycelium Portal" drawing seemed to beckon for an ornate depiction of highly stylized organic ribbons creating a woven portal of mastery. That so many vital needs of the planet and its people could be healed and revitalized by learning and replicating this divine super highway just below our feet. 

The next part of this illustration became transcendental in depicting my own creative journey beginning with the bee and how the body of work named "Bee Oddessey" developed within a famers market rather than in the art world. This illustration would be the first to traverse the vegetable world where I faced  a sweet challenge creating designs with my  previously developed style! Again, I find myself wanting to express reverence, mastery, and proficiency in these botanical illustrations, to give credit and value to what really is the pivotal nutrition of our existence.

​As in most of my recent artwork, the designs are not created to be 'one-of-a-kind' finished pieces. Practicing a very multi-media process, most of the intricate black and white illustrations are designed to be mirrored and then printed and silkscreened. "Mycelium Portal" and "Mushroom Fractal 2222" were created in a quarter of their entirety, mirrored 4 ways to create a tapestry of balance and equilibrium.
"Mushroom Fractal 2222" was created in 2022, and has been a well loved design for cards, stickers, t-shirts and hoodies. The fractal essence of infinity, the sacred geometry in nature, all being highly prevalent in domains from metaphysics, neuroscience, and quantum physics. In this illustration the mushrooms gracefully lean into each other, connecting, supporting and creating a balance within their relationship to each other.  
​Cabbage, leek, tomato, pea in pod, romanesco, carrot, mycelium, Queen Bee
The secret language of the plants written in codes of sacred geometry and magical symbols
Full design created for tapestry and fabric,  shorter design created for silkscreened t-shirts
​to be continued ...
​What do the symbols mean?  I have looked at traditional alchemical symbols, and at times have incorporated a few of them, but to be authentic in what I'm creating, it doesn't ring true for me to replicate symbols I'm not actually working with in the illustration. I love the number 3, and discovered I create in 3s. I create in blocks of area that are either dense or spacious, I then repeat the areas in ways that balance those density variables. Though its done intuitively, it feels mathematical and strategic.  I love the idea of a person giving their own meaning to the symbols they see in my artwork.
Mycelia web of fibrous threads that weave under and through, spreading through the soil