Art / Fashion 2016
Half way through 2016.....

....... the year began with the 'OM Infinity Bee' painting, bringing with it a sense of rejuvenated inspirations, a butterfly essence pollinating with the bee, and a continuing metamorphosis of the body as a canvas for the messages of the heart. Saffron honey tones, mandala reds speaking for Mars warriors, OM grace, and highlights of a cobalted, lapiz lazuli ..... blue. The work is focused on a 'short top' piece, fabric created from the bee-story paintings, printed onto a heavy cotton twill. The crop top has the feel of  the 'canvas upon the body'. The grey hive coat was created, indicative in its protective symbolism, an overcoat well suiting every colorful piece. The great art of basketry was brought into the mix, finding the larger woven fibers of the vessels and bags, an elemental definitive in the essence of wearable art. New  'bee story' wallets and backpacks!
'Bees work for the good of the whole'
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