Bees dance to communicate their needs to each other. The zig-zag line represents the choreograph of their vibrational movements, the trembling of their "waggle dance". Ethereal in the way they work together for the 'good of the whole'. Heavenly and stellar in their example of hard-work, unity and cooperation.
Written Bee Stories

A story about the bee as the creator of paradise within the 3rd eye, the inner realm of consciousness. The uroboric energies of the snake (death/rebirth cycles) and the pollen colored energies of the sun, together manifest the emanating fruits of abundance seeded within our heart and soul. Swirling energies shaping all that is unfolding and blossoming into creation, our inner dreams and visions coming true.

A story about Pan, the Greek god of nature, who was a beekeeper and protector of bees. Five bees on the crown and 3rd eye, it is the number of harmony and balance. The number 5 is characteristic of the man. The profound abundance that is the sweet result of the protection of the bees and what they give to our planet. Bees have 5 eyes.

​......the graceful lean onto thy sister, bodies of floral emanation, the supporting rituals of birthing, healing, and the burying of bones. sisterhood, when women bond together in community, an alchemy takes place. It is the connecting of women, sharing and caring, co-creating, for the betterment of the community.

In the middle center sky, the 'Hunab Ku' symbol bridges the two worlds as one, where the opposite is mirrored as being the same. spiraling up thru the blossoming world of feminine abun 'dance', 13 bees engage in the life-giving dance of Gaia, the infinity dance of the bees singing of the wild, non-conforming, adjusting, flowing, nature of the feminine. The moth's dance is in the darkness, ever vigilant in the path to follow the light, it reminds us to use our dreams and deep inner knowing, to navigate through the darkest times of our lives, resulting in the extraordinary beauty of a soulful, spirited, winged life.

The 13 bees carry a written message on their painted bodies, it begins with the bottom bee and continues to the last bee there on the bosom/shoulder of the forward facing sister. The message is written in the ancient Theban, runic script, and says "Benevolent bees unite magical forces dancing colors creation to protect and serve earth" ... a gift of words given by a fellow bee lover.


The sacred number of the bees is 6, and the hexagon with its magical geometry, is the strongest shape there is. Bees collaborate and work together for the 'good of the whole'. In their great strength to work together collaboratively, their existence on earth seeds out into the cosmic realms, a story of infinite success.

A story about the communal aspects of the honey bee and its hive. A profound representation of industry, harmony, frugality, method and management, and the sweet results of these types of intelligent cooperation. An excellent business model for for a successful, sustainable product.

​A story about the deep symbiotic relationship humans have with the bees, and the positive impact the bees have n the world. With a honey comb center, the radiating energies of the bees create a passionate red wheel of life force. Bees gracing the perimeter of the unending cycle of death/rebirth. Primordial energies. The mirror, the truth in the Laws of Nature, creator of paradise.

The mythology of the Firebird tells a story about how inspiration leads us on a journey to make our dreams come true, one that most often includes a number of mistakes. The bee is the Firebird's guide in living a life governed by the laws of nature. Responsibility, how consequences for our action leads us on the path of self awareness, expanding our potential, and guiding us to personal freedom.

The queen bee represents leadership versus control. The Blood Moon energies are about facing serious, very challenging situations, that end up with joyful outcomes. The combination of the two speaks of the beautiful evolution that might unfold when both are utilized for the healing of the planet.

Bees are the epitome of the death/birth cycles of life. Rather than fear death, embracing it causes one to become truly aware. Constantly re-birthing and renewing as our life journey hones our soulful evolution.


A story about the powerful energies involved in the quest to pursue and develop our dreams that come from the core of our spiritual selves. The aggressive will of the hornet, to conquer all that wants to oppress that evolution. Stand tall against our opponents in that process, do not fall prey to fear, find productiveness and success in the pursuit of these soulful goals.



The bee, like the dragon, represents pure primordial power. Carrying the Star Seed flower, the bee is dragon like in its effort to pollinate and bring to life the blossoming gifts of abundance inherent within the planet. Strength, courage and fortitude, the Dragon Bee is ferocious in its will to protect the flower and see that she may fully blossom.
'Bees work for the good of the whole'
Each piece of 'bee art' begins with a concept, an allegorical fantasy idea that combines some of the many impressive, magical, inspiring qualities of the bee. As the artwork develops, more of the story unfolds into the imagery, through symbols and figurative references cultivated from research about the bee. The artwork is created from different mediums, paintings, graphite drawings, pen and ink illustrations, and black and white drawings that have been colored in. Each image has many variations, as the artwork is re-edited through a digital process, into many different possibilities. After the imagery is complete, the story is written.

Black and white illustrations printed in red or black, colored in with gel sparkle pens.

Oh bee of wide-winged open heart of joy ...

... the tiny hummingbird has the largest heart of all animals, 2.5% of its body weight. The bird hovers to pollinate and collect nectar,  flapping its wings in a figure 8, just as the bee dances its vibrational messages in the figure 8, the sign of infinity. The hummingbird is known symbolically, as a guide in opening up to love. Tireless to journey long, resilient, adapting, accomplishing what seems to be impossible, the tiny bird shows the path to finding a love that is true to the heart and soul. Mandala cored, sacred wombed with a cone of ever ripening berries, both bee and hummingbird fly through our lives gracing it with joy and light, pollinating our dreams with abun'dance in beauty and nutrition.

It is 'together' they create a winged heart, adjoined by the awakened Shakti energies of the rising snake. Up though the center, the core of being, up to the crowned, budding bloom of enlightenment. Bees birthing in pollen dusted loves, bees birthing beauty in the hearts of mankind, bees birthing sustenance for all as it is one, bees birthing, uniting, and living ....... in love.
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A story about the present day waking consciousness, the huge white bloom peaking in it's purity and grace, as humanity is birthing a profound and sacred transition into a higher vibration of soul/ spirit love. Surrounded by the blue leaves, a profundity in nature that allows a plant to postpone in it's development in order to protect itself from predatory energies, the white flower of re-birthing is feeding itself with the seeded red berries of knowledge, learning and wisdom. Its the bee of illumination that is pollinating this illustrious cycle of rejuvenation and cosmic birthing into a wondrous world of unconditional love.


Om dusted traveler of rhythm and hive,
Om starry creature, spiral mapping, leap and dive.

She of the yellow ripened pearls to spread,
She with the crowned flora found gracing her head.

She gathers to seed
She carries to give
she scatters to bloom
She causes to live

​Her way is winged and glory love bound,
Her way is sudden, ritual round.

The dance of infinity is what she delights,
With movements of cosmic uroboric insights.

Curvaceous, unending and birthing in threes,
Her births are protected and guided by trees.

She is the feeling of breath and of tone,
She is the seeing of hue and of bone.