Bee Grocery Totes
Story telling bee designs individually silk screened onto heavy cotton canvas and sewn into sturdy grocery totes. Bees are responsible for 30% of the world's crops and 90% of our wild plants. The reusable cotton grocery tote offers a zero waste goal to go plastic free and environmentally safe.
Made with durable cotton canvas / dual shoulder straps / printed with water soluble  non-toxic inks /  washable / approximately 17 x 17
 "On my journey to re-purpose my creative work to give voice to the bees, I also wanted to provide a functionality to it all. See the artwork position itself onto surfaces that could carry the energetic  message of the bee image in ways that are tied into our everyday living, feelings, and bee-ing.

The skill of silk screening has been a very profound and fulfilling art medium to develop. Seeing the black and white bee imagery come out of the other side of a silk screen, damp with fresh ink, a new color put upon a new color, has been extremely rewarding! I began with t-shirts, but can say that the progression of printing the art onto canvas, that is further shaped  into grocery totes, with the bee art there to remind us of her dire necessity on the planet, has been an amazing creative experience!"

​OM Infintiy Bee
 Hummingbird Bee / OM Infinity Bee / Mushroom Bee

Artistic Process
Bee art created to illuminate the abundance that bees give to humanity through their hard work, harmony, order, and frugality.
​ Bee totes for sale soon on Etsy!